The Quality and Appearance of your church 
should shine in your community bringing a
true sense of pride for those who attend 
today, and to those who will follow tomorrow.

The Benefits of:

You're customized maintenance agreement, is designed to fit your budget and needs, you will rest peacefully in knowing that your church property is being taken care of by a caring, professional company with guaranteed professional work.

Do you currently have an employee on the payroll that is taking care of your church property? Do they have limited abilities and if so, are you still paying expensive hourly rates to have other contractors do repairs that cannot be done by your caretaker when they are needed?
What is the advantage of having someone on your payroll that has limited abilities and you still need to bring in outside contractors to do your major repairs?
Wouldn't it make more sense to take the money you are setting aside for your caretaker and put it towards a company like ours that will cover all your bases at or about what you are spending annually on your current caretaker position.

Yes, you'll be surprised when you see that our annual cost is not much more than having someone on your payroll, and we take care of all your maintenance issues and more.
You will be partnering with a company that is preforming repairs and prevenative maintenance based on the agreed amount of hours per month. This helps keep costs down as we are not "just there" looking for things to do each day throughout the month.

You will be "retaining" our services at an agreed amount of time per month and at one flat rate per month. This allows you to know what you will be spending.You will rest knowing that we can take care of the difficult repairs to the easiest one's at one monthly rate. You customize the plan and we can assist you with the process.  
If you feel that our services will be needed for 20 hours per month, we will provide your community with 20 hours of services per month. If you think that more than or less than 20 hours is needed we can customize the cost and coverage to fit your budget and needs.

Our goal is to reduce unnecessary spending and we are confident that you will begin to see a surplus annually with the monies saved from our proactive approach and dedicated care.There is no guesswork in what we are doing and we are confident in our abilities. 
You will always have your €œfinger on the pulse€ and be completely in the loop.We will stand beside you at all times and work with you, pointing out alternative methods that will save time and money, with a professional job in the end. We will keep records of all repairs and costs should you need that information at a later time..
Even regular or annual items such as elevator inspections and fire and building inspections will be monitored, so that when that time arrives, we will contact that agency and make sure it is done properly and on time. "We are more than just maintenance, we are your church's guardian, always watching over and there to help".

New England Church Keepers  can help you. We take great pride in the quality of care you will receive from our services not to mention your guaranteed satisfaction. 
My dedication to you and my business is second to none and that will never change. The services we offer are very affordable, and the professional finished results will always be guaranteed. We are not in business to spend your money. We are in business to save you money.

If there is an urgent need for our services, you can count on New England Church Keepers to be there. Because we are a local company, you can breathe easier knowing that we can respond quickly in an emergency situation.
My promise to you is to make you completely satisfied with the overall service and the finished results, making all feel secure that the funds allocated for this service was a wise and sensible decision to make. It is you who will decide the level of care, custom tailored by you based on your facilities needs and your budgeted annual funds.

New England Church Keepers is a service dedicated to religious organizations, its members as well as the Pre School Community. You could interpret us as a €œOne stop€ property maintenance service. No more multiple businesses to keep your facility running smoothly. No more frantic calls when a crisis should happen and you don't know where to turn. 
Along with our normal services we also offer "unique services" as we are more than just maintenance. Please visit our Unique Services page for more details and additional information.

Your questions about my business and its benefits are important to me, so please call me. I will be more than happy to assist you in any way I can. 
Let€™s reduce that Rolodex down to one card for all your maintenance needs, by partnering together on this.
New England Church Keepers looks forward to working for you, giving you the very best service you can possibly receive. My name is Mark Forsythe, proud owner of New England Church Keepers and I look forward to your call.


Mark Forsythe
New England Church Keepers

"€œLet Us Do The Work For You, So That You May Continue To Do The Work For Him" 

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"€œLet Us Do The Work For You, So That You May Continue To Do The Work For Him"